About Portway S.C.

Portway Swimming Club are a friendly, teaching swimming club based at Henbury Leisure Centre in Bristol. We are affiliated to the Gloucester County ASA and the Western Counties ASA. For more information about the club please come along on one of the training nights or contact one of our club officials click here for contacts'.

Swimmers progress through our Club teaching sessions that operate at Henbury Leisure Centre pool. Children are instructed by ASA qualified teachers and these sessions follow the ASA's National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

Code of Conduct

Swimming is an enjoyable activity and good exercise which, if taken regularly, can improve health and quality of life for most people. Statistics confirm that it is much safer to swim in a pool than in the sea, rivers or open water. Nevertheless, accidents do happen – but many of these are preventable by each swimmer taking due care and exercising common sense.

All members shall be treated as equal, with respect and without prejudice.
  •   To ensure a consistent, whole club approach in promoting and rewarding good behaviour by all club members
  •   To provide clear guidelines to all staff and club members as to what behaviour is acceptable
  •   To provide clear guidelines in the form of agreed procedures on how to deal with any swimmer whose behaviour is unacceptable, either towards other swimmers or towards teaching and supervisory staff
To further the sport of swimming by:
  1. teaching swimming so that the members can become strong competent swimmers; and
  2. provide the opportunity to train and swim competitively – both as individuals and in club teams.
Rewards are given for a variety of reasons – positive actions, improvement in the standard of swimming, and application and effort. A variety of rewards are given:
  •   ASA achievement badges and certificates;
  •   Rewards for attending galas
  •   Annual Club Gala and prize-giving
What is expected during a swimming session
  •   Ensure you have brought all your equipment to the pool (costume, hat, goggles, fins, kickboard etc)
  •   Go to the toilet before you swim!
  •   Be on the poolside, prepared and ready to swim, at the designated start time of your session – latecomers will be warned verbally and, after three such episodes, will not be allowed to swim in the session.
  •   Listen and watch the teacher’s instructions
  •   Listen to the lifeguard’s instructions
  •   Wear club swimming hats – these are colour coded for ease of identification and safety
  •   Maintain lane discipline – make sure you are swimming in the correct direction (as instructed by your
  • teacher) and leave ample distance between you and the swimmer in front!
  •   Take care of your belongings and make sure you take everything home with you
  •   Last session swimmers must get showered and changed as quickly as possible
  •   No activities outside the pool buildings which create noise, nuisance or danger will be allowed
  •   Swimmers waiting to be collected by parents/carers should wait inside the building