Gala/ Competition Information
What are galas?
Galas are competitions held against other swimming clubs. All galas that Portway compete in are held under ASA laws. Each swimming club will have it’s own team of swimmers. Swimmers are selected to swim events in there own age group (i.e. 10 years and under). They will compete against the other club’s swimmers from that age group. The number of, and type of, events will vary from gala to gala, but usually constitute individual races in the four competitive strokes with two team races in each of the designated age groups.
Annual Club Gala
An inter-club gala in which ALL Portway Swimming Club members are positively encouraged to take part. Again, as above, the gala is held under ASA laws but consists ONLY of individual events in each age group. The gala takes place annually at the end of January and is an ideal opportunity for swimmers and their parents/carers to actively take a role in a gala that has an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. Swimmers who do well at the Club gala will be presented with awards at the Club Awards Evening that is held a few weeks after.
Team Selection
The Club Coach carries out gala selection, with assistance from the Team Manager. Swimmers involved in these galas are often selected from those that attend more than one training session a week and are based on times achieved.
Where are galas held?
The locations of galas depend on who is hosting it. Portway usually take part in galas within the Bristol Area but do travel to places such as Clevedon and Burnham on Sea.
How can I take part in a gala?

Portway is primarily a teaching club and its training structure reflects this. Once a swimmer reaches an appropriate standard he or she will have the option of entering a gala.

What do I need to bring?
• Costume/Trunks
• Goggles
• T-shirt (to keep warm between races)
• Club Gala Swimming Hat (available from the team manager at the gala)
• Towel(s)
• Drinks
• Snacks
Who will look after the swimmers?
At all times swimmers will be under the close supervision of the Team manager and the Coach.
Team managers will also ensure swimmers know where they need to be and when, with help from other Club members and parent/carer volunteers.